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Fire, Wind, and Water Damage: Working Through Insurance Claims

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At Millard & Bragg, Attorneys at Law P.C., we place a great deal of importance on insurance law. In fact, Oregon and Washington attorney Fred Millard has an edge over other attorneys in the area in that he was a well-reputed insurance adjuster for several years, before becoming an attorney.

In any type of insurance claim or dispute, both the insurance company and the claimant (the person who is insured) will likely face expensive and time-consuming negotiations and legal issues. The insurance company has an obligation to the people they insure to thoroughly investigate an insurance claim and make a decision based not only on the company’s financial interests, but based off the financial interests of the individual as well. When this does not occur, this may qualify as “bad faith” and will require a skilled lawyer to protect the interests of the insured.

Insurance Claim

As a former owner of an insurance adjusting company, insurance lawyer Fred Millard is qualified to fully investigate a claim for the best possible outcome. His knowledge of all types of insurance and of the specifics of insurance policies is how you can avoid an expensive and lengthy trial and make sure your future is protected.

We work with all types of insurance issues, including:

  • Residential Property Claims
  • Commercial Property Claims
  • Bad Faith Issues
  • Property Liability Issues
  • Improper Settlement Issues
  • Insurance Litigation

If you are facing any type of insurance dispute or legal issue, we may be able to help you. Let us assist you in coming to a workable solution that is best for your future.

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