Your Insurance Advocate

Have an Attorney In Your Corner Who Is An Expert In Adjusting Insurance Claims.

Have you been impacted by a recent disaster? Need assistance filing business interruption and other insurance claims? The team at Millard & Bragg can help you assess and put a value on your property loss, personal loss, loss of profits, loss of time and expenses. Our support and guidance will help alleviate an unnecessary additional stress during an already stressful time. Depending on your coverage and what you are entitled to, there may be more options available to recover your losses.

In the event of a large or complex loss to fire, flood, or other natural disasters, our team of Consultants will:

  • Help you navigate through the claim adjustment process.
  • Better ensure that you are being treated property, and that you are getting all due to you by your insurance policy and the  law.
  • Be better positioned to move your case forward in the claim process and have the power to bring litigation if you’re treated unfairly.

Don’t rely on what insurance companies tell you.  Contact us today to discuss your claim situation and how we might be able to help.