Suffering a Loss – Are You Getting All the Claims Benefits You Paid For?

Suffering A Loss – Are You Getting All the Claims Benefits You Paid For?

The biggest mistake most policyholders make after suffering a loss is relying on their insurance company to conduct a full, unbiased, and thorough investigation of their claim. Insurance companies have an advantage over their policyholders. Insurance companies handle every claim they get with their best interests in mind. They have a team of legal and forensic experts investigate claims with the goal of providing as little payment as possible. Insurance companies make their money through high premiums and the denial of claims.

Usually policyholders do not understand the claim process or what to do when a loss occurs. Most have never suffered a loss before and are willing to do whatever they are told. Without real knowledge of what they have agreed to, their policy coverage and exclusions, the insured may feel helpless when dealing with the insurance company’s settlement o­r denial of coverage. Far too often, the insured recovers far less than what the policy provides.

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