The Taylor Bridge Fire – What’s Next?

The Taylor Bridge Fire – What’s Next?

Picking Up The Pieces in Eastern Washington

Elaine Thompson/Associated Press

The Taylor Bridge Fire that has destroyed many structures and land and evacuated hundreds in Kittitas County near Cle Elum Washington, is still being worked on to be fully contained. In all it has destroyed over 22,000 acres, 70 homes and nearly 200 structures. It has been estimated that there is going to be close to $500 million in fire loss insurance claims stemming from this tragic event.

The fire loss claims process will be long and hard for all involved. The claims for personal property lost in the fire will be the hardest for the victims. Insurance companies will be requiring detailed lists of inventory, pictures, receipts and other “proof” of value; most of which has been lost in the fire.

We know that now is a time when emotions run high and many decisions need to be made.  Those two things don’t usually mix.  Many people are displaced from their homes and businesses in much lesser living and working conditions than they previously had.  In the rush to settle claims, many bad deals are made, communication isn’t clear, and policy holders don’t know what their rights are.

Don’t get taken advantage of.

Not sure you are being treated fairly? Don’t settle, know your rights and review your insurance policy. If you feel you have not gotten the appropriate compensation for the value your home, business and belongings, we can help.

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