[VIDEO]: Fred Millard – Portland Insurance, Construction and Business Attorney Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Fred Millard has been practicing insurance, Construction and Business Law for over a decade. His unique background includes 17 years as the owner/operator of a successful Construction Company, as well as the owner/operator of an Insurance Adjusting Company. This diverse professional background has enabled Attorney Fred Millard to help his clients reach successful resolutions for their Insurance and Construction claims and cases, as well as various business transactions, and has provided our firm with the ability to specialize in First Party Insurance Claims and various facets of Construction Litigation.   


You know let me tell you how I became I lawyer. I started out as a building contractor
an insurance adjuster I did that for almost 20 years. I learned but culture.  Every industry has
a culture whether its computers, whether it’s auto body repair whether it’s legal profession, the medical profession, the construction industry, insurance claims handling.  Everyone has a unique culture. So before I went to law school I spent twenty years, almost, in the insurance and construction cultures. 
I learned my areas of practice from the inside out.  Oftentimes I can tell what an insurance company is going to do before they even do it. I can walk onto a construction site and, given a little bit of time,  I can tell you what the problems are with the construction project why it’s halted – because of financing or lack of financing,
whether contractors are not getting paid, whether the the the design professionals are not getting paid. I have an innate sense to tell you this because I spent so many years doing it.

Millard & Bragg Attorneys at Law P.C. practicing law in both Oregon and Washington 503-352-1991.

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