[VIDEO]: The Purpose of An Initial Consultation – Keeping the Best Interest Of Your Client In Mind with Fred Millard


An initial consultation, there’s a multi-faceted purpose to it. Number one, I cant advise you, I cannot help you if I don’t understand the problem or what the issues are. What issues are going on. So expect this in initial consultation, I’m gonna ask you to share with me what exactly it the problem is. 

It’s not your job to decide whether you have a contract dispute, whether you have a tort dispute, a statutory breach dispute. That’s my job. My job is to take the facts that you tell me and pigeonhole them into what the law permits or what the law will allow you to do. And that’s called your options. So in an initial consultation we want to go over the fact in your case and we want to decide what options you have.

But here’s what’s really important. Because of my background the the fact is the first twenty years of my working career I spent being something other than an attorney. That being a contractor an insurance adjuster I have actually run businesses I remember is a contractor I had someone that owed us fifteen thousand dollars.

I went to the attorney and by the time we won, it cost forty thousand dollars to win 15 thousand dollars. That, in my way of thinking, is not a solution. I made a promise to myself, at that very moment, that I will never put a client in that position intentionally. Never. That is not helping you. The key is to understand the facts and understand the realistic and most efficient way to resolve your issue.


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