Why You Need Our Help Insurance Attorneys Vs. Public Adjusters – Part 2

Why You Need Our Help

Insurance Attorneys Vs. Public Adjusters – Part 2

Because of the PA’s inability to practice law, they have no leverage should the insurance company not act in good faith. This inability to practice law potentially leads to  much lower insurance proceeds as public adjusters scramble to accept deals that will net something, even if you, the insured, is entitled to much more. Since the public adjuster’s ability to get paid is based on what they can negotiate, the public adjuster is looking out for his or her best interests, not yours.

Additionally, public adjusters are not subject to the same ethical guidelines as attorneys. They are allowed to solicit business in ways deemed unethical to attorneys. Public adjusters often take a percentage of your entire claim regardless of when you hired them.

Many Attorneys will accept a percentage of your claim from the point they begin working your case.  Some attorneys are willing to represent you several months after the loss. Attorneys are expert negotiators, they are trained to handle settlement terms, and know the latest insurance laws. An insurance company will often offer better settlements to attorneys to avoid the litigation process and attorneys are better able to reject bad offers. The power attorneys have to file lawsuits puts you on even ground with the insurance companies. They work for you.

When you retain Millard & Bragg, you have access to the best of both worlds. After years of being frustrated by his inability as an adjuster to help people gain the most out of their claims, Fred Millard became a lawyer to better serve business owners and families who need help with their insurance claims. If you have an insurance claim in Oregon or Washington and feel like your insurance company is being unfair, give us a call at 503-352-1991 or contact us

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