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Destructive fires starting in fireplaces and wood stoves have gone up 40 percent in Oregon, according to information from the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal.

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Local fire officials said there could be a number of possible reasons for the increase in fires, like more people trying to save money by burning wood to heat their homes. Today on KATU we are looking at what homeowners can do to make their homes safer, and the common mistakes that put them at…

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[VIDEO]: The Purpose of An Initial Consultation – Keeping the Best Interest Of Your Client In Mind with Fred Millard

Transcript An initial consultation, there’s a multi-faceted purpose to it. Number one, I cant advise you, I cannot help you if I don’t understand the problem or what the issues are. What issues are going on. So expect this in initial consultation, I’m gonna ask you to share with me what exactly it the problem is. …

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