Fire Prevention Outages To Occur Throughout Oregon

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Over 40,000 PGE and Pacific Power customers may experience power outages Friday September 9th and Saturday September 10th as a fire prevention strategy. Outages are expected throughout the Portland Metro Area as well as in Douglas, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Polk, and Tillamook counties. Residents in impacted areas will receive at least 4 hours notice before loss of power. The power outages are expected to last anywhere from several hours to a couple days. It is recommended that you have an emergency plan in place in case the outages are ongoing.

The purpose of these outages is to minimize the risk and damage of wildfires. The 2020 Labor Day wildfires were attributed to downed power lines that ignited during a windstorm. In an effort to prevent this from happening again, PGE and Pacific Power are shutting down power during this time of extreme wildfire danger. These last report outages are occurring in the interest of public safety in order to prevent rapid, difficult to fight wildfires.

If power is shut down, centers will likely be opened to provide additional information as well as water, ice, Wi-Fi, and charging stations. 

For more information on the outages, check out this article. If you have been affected by a wildfire in Oregon or Washington or would like to learn more about how we can help, reach out to us today.

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