Wildfires Rage Through Central Oregon

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Don’t let the cool weather fool you—residents in Central Oregon are still being affected by wildfire.

While the wet weather has slowed the progression, the Cedar Creek wildfire has consumed over 110,000 acres and is roughly 14% contained. Local officials reported that fire crews are making progress on the containment and mop up operations, extinguishing hot spots and cutting debris along the western edge of the wildfire. Preparations are underway on the southwest side of the main fire. While the fire has yet to reach Constitution Grove, protective measures (pumps, sprinklers, hose lays) are in place just in case.

The Double Creek Fire now stretches over 150,000 acres and is still growing, having consumed another 24 acres in the last 24 hours. Precipitation levels are being monitored to see the impact it will have on fire activity. Officials report that this fire is 58% contained. The western edge of the fire is fully contained and a dozer line is under construction on the southern edge.

Officials in the areas are still recommending that residents stay indoors due to worsened air quality and on the alert for evacuation warnings.

We suggest that all residents in Oregon remain diligent about wildfires in their area until further notice. Check for fires in your area and be prepared to evacuate should the need arise.

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