Is it time to hire an Attorney?


Issues related to fire loss and restoration are difficult to handle. To answer this question in the shortest way possible: When you find yourself having to formally prepare and submit claims from the Insurance Company, we would highly recommend hiring an attorney.

To give more context, folks typically see us for 3 different reasons:

  1. When they have no experience with insurance claims and want counseling on how to handle them.
    • We help our clients learn what their rights are and get a better idea of what type of contracts they are signing.
  2. When the Insurance Company has denied your claim.
    • This usually happens when the premium wasn’t paid on time, when a policy expired or when the insurance company thinks its inflated.
  3. The Insurance Company is underpaying the loss.
    • It is going to cost more to fix your home than insurance will pay.
    • There is a complex and confusing issue happening that you need second eyes on.

Here is a video from our Attorney Fred Millard that explains this information as well. If you have further questions on this topic, give us a call at 503-305-7806. We practice is all of Oregon and Washinton.

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