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Natural Disaster Preparedness in the Pacific Northwest

In the Pacific Northwest, natural geologic catastrophes may be placed into five categories: floods, fires, landslides, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. All five of these catastrophes have occurred in Oregon within the past century. Quite often the effect of two or more events occurring simultaneously greatly accentuates the destructiveness of the episode. Floods are more often…

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KOIN News: Oregon Insurers: Fraud Exempt or Accountable?

This is KOIN I-Team Investigation’s special report on UTPA/insurance exemption – highlighting Oregon consumers harmed by insurance misconduct. Attorney Fred Millard and a client from our firm went down to Salem to testify before the house committee earlier this year. We support HB 3160-A because insurance companies should be accountable to reasonable standards of conduct…

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Suffering a Loss – Are You Getting All the Claims Benefits You Paid For?

Suffering A Loss – Are You Getting All the Claims Benefits You Paid For? The biggest mistake most policyholders make after suffering a loss is relying on their insurance company to conduct a full, unbiased, and thorough investigation of their claim. Insurance companies have an advantage over their policyholders. Insurance companies handle every claim they…

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