Do You Know What Your Renters Insurance Actually Covers?

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According to an Insurance Information Institute poll, only 41% of renters carry renters’ insurance! That number is shockingly low!

Did you know that Renters insurance may also provide coverage if:

· A renter is forced to temporarily move out of their home due to a covered loss.

· A person is injured in the renter’s apartment or home and requires medical attention.

· Items a renter keeps inside their vehicle are damaged or lost.

Based on Nationwide claims data, the following were the most common renters insurance claims submitted by its members in 2017:

· No. 1: Theft.

· No. 2: Water damage.

· No. 3: Fire and smoke damage.

· No. 4: Liability.

· No. 5: Wind-related.

Are you covered for those unforeseen events? Have you had a loss and didn’t realize you had this type of coverage? We’d love to hear from you.

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