Preparing For Wildfires: How To Protect Yourself And Your Home

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It’s getting to be the hottest part of the year in Oregon, and the risk of fire is higher than ever too. This year’s wildfire season in Oregon has potential to be particularly tough due to the multi-year drought and a nationwide labor shortage that is affecting firefighting personnel. 

Despite the wet spring, it is crucial that we pay attention to the warnings from officials during this time in order to prevent fires from happening! The late-season rain and snow has helped stave off the danger of wildfires in some areas of Oregon, but experts have said that the moisture has also contributed to the growth of certain grasses that can easily drive large fires.

With the low levels of recruitment for firefighters and increased risk of wildfire due to drought, it is more essential than ever to prepare yourself in the face of fire season. The Northwest Interagency Coordination Center fire map shows where there are active fires and their status so you can prepare accordingly. This is also a good time to go over fire safety plans with your household and place of work. Check out the Home Fire Safety plan by The American Red Cross for more information. Furthermore, Tualatin Fire and Rescue created a great three step plan for fire prevention and evacuation should you need it.

There are a variety of different resources throughout the Pacific Northwest that track active fires and keep people ready, safe and prepared. We’ve compiled a short list below of helpful resources for different needs when it comes to wildfires, in addition to those listed above. 

  1. Disaster Preparation Plan – Provided by the Division of Financial Regulation, this resource covers important steps to be prepared should any disaster strike, including taking an inventory of your home, making sure all your important financial documents are organized and backed up, and reviewing your insurance coverage.
  2. Wildfire Insurance Resources – This resource is also provided by the Division of Financial Regulation. It goes more in depth about how to prepare for a wildfire, what to do during an evacuation, and other important information specific to wildfires.
  3. Incident Information System – This interactive map is primarily for providing information related to fires, displaying the locations and any available information regarding the incident.
  4. Clackamas County Wildfire Evacuation Zones – This wildfire map is specifically designed for providing evacuation information in Clackamas County. It displays local fires as well as the evacuation level associated with it.
  5. Resources on Wildfires – This resource, provided by United Way of Columbia-Willamette, contains over 10 additional resources pertaining to wildfire preparedness and safety.

If you have been affected by a fire in Oregon or Washington or would like to schedule a consultation to learn more, contact us today.

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