Need Help With An Insurance Claim?

2021 02 24

Oregon and Washington had a historic ice storm in the middle of February and there was a lot of damage that came with it. Tree’s fell, power lines were covered in ice, and there was even damages to roads, cars and properties.

Emergency crews are working hard to clean up the mess, but if you have an insurance claim or dispute that resulted in the damage, it may be more time-consuming.

The insurance company has an obligation to the people they insure to thoroughly investigate insurance claims and make a decision based not only on the company’s financial interests, but also the financial interests of the individual as well.

If you are facing an insurance claim or dispute and are worried or just want professional advice, give us call at 503-305-7806.. We work with all types of insurance issues, including:

  • Residential Property Claims
  • Commercial Property Claims
  • Bad Faith Issues
  • Property Liability Issues
  • Improper Settlement Issues
  • Insurance Litigation

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