The Impact of Rain and Snow on Wildfire Season

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It has been a wet winter and spring so far, which bodes well for the upcoming wildfire season. The amount of rain and snow an area gets has a big impact on when fire season starts.

The snow we get in the winter melts when temperatures get warmer in the spring. The melting snow, combined with rainfall, provides dry areas with a much needed water supply that can help forests stay protected during fire season. This means the more snow and rain we get, the more likely we are to have a lighter fire season.

However, there are other factors that impact the severity of fire season. For instance, if we have heat waves and the snow melts quickly, the wildfire risk is higher. The current Pacific Northwest wildfire predictions indicate we should expect a later fire season, but there is still a high risk of wildfires as much of the area is still in a drought.

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