Wildfires are still happening in Pacific Northwest

fire in a field

There isn’t as much smoke in the air anymore keeping us uncomfortably aware of the wildfires, but wildfires are still happening and we still need to stay informed.

The Oregon wildfires are especially emotional and devastating this year because they happened in populated areas, not way out in the forest where people aren’t as badly affected.

At Millard Law, we want to help people throughout ALL of Oregon and Washington to make the right decisions and ensure that your insurance claims are handled correctly during this time.

We cannot stress enough the importance of connecting with an attorney after a fire, even if it’s just to assess your situation and find out you don’t need one. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to property damage and savings. That being said, we’ve provided some tips below for those in Oregon and Washington to keep in mind.

  • If there is minor damage and it is something you can fix yourself or hire someone to fix for less than your monthly mortgage payment, you probably will not want to file a claim. The insurance premiums go up the more often you file a claim.
  • The biggest mistake most policyholders make after suffering a loss is relying on their insurance company to conduct a full, unbiased, and thorough investigation of their claim. Far too often, the insured recovers far less than what the policy provides.
  • If you need to evacuate your home or commercial property, taking a video inventory of your personal and business property can be incredibly helpful when communicating with insurance companies after a fire.
  • Here is a great informational video from Fred Millard on what to expect and what the purpose of an initial consultation is: https://youtu.be/XSptmM6P7Bc
  • You can check your local air quality status year round through this link to help stay informed: https://fire.airnow.gov/

If you need assistance with a claim in Oregon or Washington please give us a call at 503-305-7806.

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