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Wildfire Resources: Cleanup is Progressing

marcus kauffman iretlQZEU4 unsplash

On Thursday, April 29th at 12pm Oregon Insurance Commissioner Andrew Stolfi and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum will give a town hall meeting via zoom about Wildfire Insurance and the rebuild process that will occur this spring. If you were affected by the wildfires last September, we encourage you to attend. This will be a great…

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How to Prepare for Pacific Northwest Weather Changes


In September 2020 we had devastating forest fires throughout Oregon and Washington. Then in January 2021 there were land slides followed up with an ice storm in February. Now in March we are approaching spring, which means thunderstorms. Just last week there was a small thunderstorm where lightening struck trees throughout Portland, Oregon. Luckily, we…

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Wildfires are still happening in Pacific Northwest

fire in a field

There isn’t as much smoke in the air anymore keeping us uncomfortably aware of the wildfires, but wildfires are still happening and we still need to stay informed. The Oregon wildfires are especially emotional and devastating this year because they happened in populated areas, not way out in the forest where people aren’t as badly…

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